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Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023): METALLA
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The paper of Montero, et al. examines the use of galena, beginning in the Middle Paleolithic, before the onset of metallurgy in the Iberian Peninsula, and shows that it was a well-known raw material during the Neolithic, both in funeral and in household contexts.

The current paper of Timberlake presents a body of archaeological evidence and experimental research based on British Bronze Age mines and mining tools, which are universally relevant to the study of some of the most ancient mines and mining areas in Europe. 

The study by Gassmann, et al. presents the results of the investigation of pre-Columbian gold and copper in Costa Rica. They are placed here in the perspective of New World early metallurgy and can provide a starting point for future research between Mesoamerica and the Isthmo-Colombian region.

The present study of Bode, et al. focuses on the Late Bronze Age - Early Iron Age economic cycle of the two copper districts Timna (Israel) and Faynan (Jordan) and analyses a relatively large sample of smelting remains from their main smelting sites.

Published: 2023-12-20


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Aim and Scope of the Journal

The journal METALLA is an international, peer-reviewed, English-language archaeological and archaeometallurgical journal with clear acquisitions to archaeometry, conservation science to economic, mining and raw materials archaeology and economic history. The journal is published in printed form with two issues per year. It is one of the most renowned academic journals in this subject spectrum and combines the historical, archaeological and archaeometric scientific fields at the highest professional level. The contributions are strongly related to mining, the production, provenance and preservation of artefacts, their trade as well as the prospecting and processing of ancient geo-resources. 

General Information

The journal METALLA is published by the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum (DBM, German Mining Museum), in addition to the journal Der Anschnitt (, the publication platform OMP and other print publications (

The METALLA has the International Standard Serial Number ISSN 0947-6229 and the Electronic International Standard Serial Number E-ISSN 2749-6430. From 2022, METALLA has moved to an open-access journal, where the printed version is still available for purchase. Submitted articles undergo a double-blind peer reviewing process. Accepted papers are published with platinum Open Access by Ruhr University Bochum, free for both reader and author and available from day one.